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Media Ref #   SH-NEMD779
Media Name:   MDRUM_Dolphin_High_Jump-1.jpg
License Type:   Rights Managed
Release Status:   No Release  
Orientation:   N/A
Keywords Acrobatic Animal Animalia Asia Behaviour Breaches Breaching Bridled Cetacea Ceteacean Delphinidae Indian Lanka Leap Leaping Leaps Long-beaked Long-snouted Mammal Mammalia Mammals Marine Nature Oceanic Odontoceti Pantropical Porpoising Saltwater Spectacular Spinner Dolphin Spotted Sri Stenella Stenella longirostris Stunning Subcontinent Surfacing Tropical Vertebrate Water Wildlife dolphin dolphins incredible longirostris ocean sea spinner
Headline Dolphin High Jump
Copyright String Tony Wu / NPL / mediadrumworld.com